NURSE Gratitude Quote - 11 ounce Coffee Mug - Superb GIFT

NURSE Gratitude Quote - 11 ounce Coffee Mug - Superb GIFT

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Thanks so much for considering a purchase from my shop!

The image on this mug is adhered through a process called sublimation which permanently fuses the graphics to the cup. It will not fade, distort or wash away. Lovingly pressed in my studio by myself with gratitude. I know you have many choices and I appreciate you choosing me.

* Hold 11 ounces
* Dishwasher safe with a non-bleach detergent
* Microwave safe
* 3.75" tall by 3.25" wide
* Image on both sides of mug.

Would this make a great gift or what? That special someone will think about you with every sip of their morning java or tea. I have so many nurse friends and they are among the most under-appreciated of any profession that I have seen. Kudos to all of you who make us feel better when we are feeling our worst. <3

Have a happy day and please do not hesitate with any questions.

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